Pace of Play

Pace of Play Improvement Suggestions


Time Awareness

-          Take note of what time you leave Tee #1

-          A group of 4 golfers should be able to play course in 4 ½ hours. This is just under 15 minutes per hole. If you notice during play,  that there is an open hole in front of you, and your group is averaging  more than 15 minutes per hole,  you are behind schedule and need to speed up play.

-          Time is lost in seconds when multiplied by the number of repetitions.  If every player in a foursome, saves 3 seconds per shot sequence, it would save 20 minutes over the round.


Group Cooperation

-           Follow the flight of all shots, not just your own. Once in the fairway, help find lost balls if you already know the location of yours. Volunteer to fill in a divot or rake a bunker for another player, if needed. Be ready to attend the flagstick for others.


Cart paths only golfing with a motorized cart

-          When cart is distant from your ball, THINK AHEAD when selecting which clubs to take to the ball.

o   Take an extra club or 2 if you’re not sure of the shot distance.

o   If your next shot will be on the green or in close proximity to the green and you will not be returning to your cart,  bring your chipping clubs and putter with you.

o   Determine who should drive the cart to the green based on your and your partner’s expected location after your next shot.


Walking with a pull-cart

-          Bring your cart close to the ball (1 to 2 paces) to minimize the amount of walking needed before and after the shot.

-          When on the green, position your pull-cart on the side of the green that is on the way to the next hole.

-          DO NOT LEAVE THE CART IN FRONT OF THE GREEN when putting.


Shot preparation

-          Shot distance measurement should take place prior to club selection, preferably before you get to your ball.

-          Take no more than one practice swing and limit the number of swing thoughts before your shot.

-          Play ready golf, i.e., play when you are ready to hit, when safety permits.

-          Suspend conversation to allow group members to hit when they are ready.


Motorized cart operation

-          Don’t drive ahead of the other players in your group to avoid them having to wait until you are clear for them to safely hit their shots.

-          Use cart buddy system when dropping each other off and picking up to minimize the time needed to clear the area.

-          When on the green, position your cart on the side of the green that is on the way to the next hole

-          After taking your shot and returning to your cart, wait until you arrive at your next shot to put your clubs back in your golf bag.



-          Fill in the scores for a hole after clearing the green area and/or arriving at the next tee.



-          Whenever possible, continuous putting should be used in the weekly tournaments. The golfer farthest from the hole putts first and putts out if he/she can do so without standing on another player’s line.

-          Take advantage of the rule change allowing players to leave the flag in the hole and not incur a penalty if a putt hits the flagstick.


Possible Lost Ball

-          If you hit a shot that has a good chance of being lost (not in a hazard) or out of bounds, play a provisional ball or use the 2 penalty stroke alternative to stroke and distance for lost or out of bounds ball defined in Local Rule 4.


Making up time when behind schedule

-          In a team event, a player whose hole score will not be counted because it’s not a competitve score, should report an estimated score for hole instead of putting out.

-          In individual event, if your score for the round is out of the money, save time by reporting an estimated score and not take any more shots or putts.

-          Don’t wait for all group members to complete a hole before moving on the the next hole. When you arrive at the next tee, hit as soon as you are ready.