Tournament Schedule - the Club runs weekly tournaments for the members as well as 5 different Club Championship events spread out over the season. Click on the link at the start of this paragraph to view the Tournament Schedule.  

Tournament Results - every week the Tournament Results table is updated to include the previous week's results. Click on the link at the start of this paragraph to view Tournament Results. 

Brackets- each of the Club Championships  has its own bracket. Click on the appropriate link to view the desired bracket. 


A.    Common Rules for all Competitions

The rules below are applicable to all weekly, championship and qualification rounds:

1) the round is played at Crab Meadow in the accompaniment of another member

2) the minimum number of team members (defined in the Tournament Description) play the round together. 

3) entrants must sign up, immediately before playing a weekly tournament or Championship Qualification round by adding participant names and handicaps to the relevant signup sheet on the club's bulletin board at Crab.

4) Caddies are prohibited. Spectators are considered "outside agencies" according to the Rules of Golf, and may not provide assistance or advice to the competitors.

5) Ladies play from the silver tees, men under 80 must play from white tees- men 80 & over by year end may play from silver or white, unless defined otherwise.

6) Entrants/teams must submit a valid  checked, signed and attested to scorecard by depositing the scorecard in the Scorecard container under the bulletin board at Crab.

B.     Scorecards

1) A Tournament Description and Sample Scorecard for each event may be found on the website under the Site Map tab, or by clicking on a Tournament name on the Tournament Schedule web page.

 2) A spreadsheet scorecard is available for download from the Home page of the club’s website. All club members are encouraged to use this when competing in club tournaments.

3)     The submitted scorecard must conform to the sample scorecard shown in the Tournament Description including the following items:

·         Name of tournament and event number

·         Date played

·         Surname of each member, with First Initial(s)      

·        Indicate men (M) or ladies (L) and tee - white(W) or silver(S); e.g. MW, MS, LS

·         Current posted/adjusted handicaps for the tees being played (handicap events)

·         Actual gross score on each hole for each player (estimates marked with an X, may be used in team events for a player whose score for that hole is not used to calculate the team score). In match play, estimates marked with X, should be entered for holes conceded and not holed out).

·       Some indication of player hole handicaps (dots preferred for tournaments requiring hole by hole handicaps)

·          Signed by the member acting as the Scorer

·          Attested to by a second member from the group that played the round

·         Correct order of play as defined in the Tournament Description


C.    Weekly Tournaments and Qualification Rounds  

The 27 weekly tournaments listed in the Tournament Schedule consist of 10 different events involving 1 to 4 players.

D.    Rules for Weekly Tournaments and Qualification Rounds  

1)     All Common Rules for all Competitions and Scorecards defined in Sections A and B above must be observed.

2)     For weekly tournaments and championship qualificaton rounds, members may play the round any day within the period (Monday through Friday) defined in the Tournament Schedule for that event.

3)     The round must be played using Medal Play rules, i.e., you cannot submit a scorecard for a weekly event if the round was played under Match play rules. 

4)     Scores for Weekly Tournaments must be reported to GHIN as Home scores; scores for Qualification rounds must be reported as Competition scores.


 1) A weekly tournament must have a minimum of 4 valid member/team entries to be considered a complete tournament eligible for prize distribution.

 2) Weekly tournaments are open to all club members. The nine 18 Hole Medal /100% Handicap tournaments are separated into Men Only and Ladies Only competitions, with separate men's and ladies' prizes. 

Tie Resolution (Stroke Play)- used to determine winners of weekly events

If players/teams are tied after 18 holes the following procedure will govern the determination of the winner: 

 a) Add the score for the last 9 holes and subtract ½ the players 18 hole handicap. If it is a team event, do this for each member of the team and add their scores. If the teams played with unequal number of players, divide the team totals by the number of players on the team to get a player average. The player, or the team with the lowest score wins. 

b) If it is still a tie, utilize procedure a) using the last 6 holes with 1/3rd handicaps. 

c) If it is still a tie, utilize procedure a) using the last 3 holes with 1/6th handicaps. 

d) If it is still a tie, start with the 18th hole and match scores using the appropriate individual handicap for each player on that hole. If it is still a tie, go to the 17th hole, etc. 

e) If after going through all 18 holes with no resolution, flip a coin.

E.    Club Championship Tournaments

The Club Championship tournaments listed in the Tournament Schedule include the President’s Cup, Club Doubles Championship, Club Championship (Men), Super Senior Championship, and Club Championship (Ladies).

F.    Rules for Club Championship Events


1)      All Common Rules for all Competitions and Scorecards defined in Sections A and B above must be observed.

2)      All Championship final matches, except for the Doubles Championship, will be played/observed in a group consisting of the two competitors, each of which will be accompanied during the round by one of the two "Officials" (Referee and Observer) selected by the Tournament Chairman.

3)      Caddies are prohibited.

4)      Spectators are considered "outside agencies" according to the Rules of Golf, and may not provide assistance or advice to the competitors.

5)      Brackets are developed and matches are scheduled by the Tournament Coordinator.

6)      Brackets are posted on the bulletin board at Crab Meadow and on the web site.

7)      Scheduled matches must be played by the scheduled date. If both contestants agree, a match may be played earlier than the scheduled date, in which case the players will be responsible for filling their scheduled tee times on Thursday or cancelling.

8)      All Championship matches are played using Match Play rules. A participant in a Championship Match Play event cannot submit a scorecard using the match play score for a weekly medal play event or qualification round.

9)      Scores for all Club Championship events must be reported to GHIN as Competition.